Libor Oravski - Spider Tattoo

Beware of Libor Oravski from Karviná, CZ - Spider Tattoo Ostrava. He owes me 5.000,- CZK and since May 2007 he made no attempt to pay it back. On the telephone he promised to send the money to my account. I went to tattoo convention in Switzerland and needed the money. He assured me he'll send it for sure. When it didn't happen, he assured me again and when nothing happened again, he simply told me he has no time, hung the phone up and turned it off. Always it was me, who called, even when he always sweared he'll call me back the same day.

Don't make any advance payment to him - you'll loose the money!

Another interesting thing is that at his website in the gallery there are photos of someone else's tattoo arts and he parades them as his own - even Paul Booth's works. That's not only imposture, that's sky-high arrogance!! Well, everybody is different... It's a shame that with growing trend new studios get founded with sole purpose to earn money and don't have any respect to their work.

It would be more apt to call this studio Parasite Tattoo than Spider - spiders don't deserve this... Don't give any chance to this liar and thief and avoid any useless conflict!